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Agrivoltaics Robotic Farms

Operating System Infrastructure

of APV Robotic Farm

Make Agriculture, Solar and Technology Work Together is on a mission to tackle pressing global challenges of Food Security, Renewable Energy and Global Warming, with a clear vision of Make Agriculture, Solar and Technology WORK TOGETHER.


Operating System Infrastructure

of Autonomous-AgriPV Robotic Farm

Our Patent-Pending A²PV Operating System Infrastructure leverages robotics, manipulators, sensors, controlled PV panels and cutting-edge AI. This unique technology maximizes renewable energy production and boosts crop yields while reducing high labor costs. It handles a wide range of tasks, including solar panel monitoring and cleaning, as well as agri-dynamic data collection, selective spraying, pruning, harvesting and more.


The A²PV System excels in integrating capabilities from specialized Agricultural/Solar companies, creating a synergistic platform for advanced farming operations. This collaborative approach harnesses the expertise of various technological experts partners, allowing for a comprehensive and maximized efficient system. By leveraging these partnerships, the A²PV system enhances overall farm productivity, marrying the best in agrotechnical/solar innovations with's cutting-edge infrastruce technology.


Explore Advanced Farming with's A²PV Data Acquisition Technology: At, we aim to enhance agricultural efficiency through our innovative A²PV system. This technology is designed to provide superior, grounded information collection, offering a high level of precision and reliability. Characterized by its consistent performance and accuracy, our A²PV system is a unique tool in agricultural data gathering. It operates continuously, 24/7, to quickly detect potential hazards and damages, thereby helping to improve the productivity and operational efficiency of the farms.



agRE.os is crafted to elevate agrotechnical and Solar operations, empowering the farm with the capability to make decisions through AI-driven analysis of extensive field data. The software transforms complex real time Dynamic- Data into clear, actionable insights, promoting enhanced farming efficiency and sustainability. We are committed to providing data-informed tools for smarter, more effective agricultural tasks executions.

Partners & Customers pioneers the future Agrivoltaics Robotic farm

"Our innovative HW and SW solution is open for integration of various technologies and applications in order to deliver the best connected solution for growers. Join a growing list of companies throughout the world that share our vision for"